09h30 Sign-in

10h00 Introduction (Natalie Stake-Doucet, RN, PhD(c)) 

10h05 Opening Keynote Uzoma Asagwara : RN and member of the legaslative assembly of Manitoba (an)
10h40 QNA General Assembly. Overview of 2020, finances, considerations for 2021 

11h20 Nominations and vote. 2021 QNA Exec

12h00 Lunch Break 
12h30 Panel #1 : Nursing Specialties: Increasing your impact (en-fr)
Speakers: Aileen Holland, RN, ENC (C) ; Sonia Boccardi, RN, MScN, CCNC (C) ; Terry Broda, RN, MScN, NP-PHC, CDDN. Moderator: Maria Marques, RN, BA, MPA. 

13h20 Panel #2 : Nursing and the Environment: The green transformation (en-fr) 
Speakers: Fiona Hanley, RN, MSc ; Hilah Silver, RN, PhD(c); Vanessa D'Aquila, RN, MSc(c)
Moderator: Audrey-Ann Bissonnette, RN, BA, BScN.

14h00 Panel #3 : The Code of Silence in Healthcare (fr) 
Speakers: Marie-Anne Goupil ; Amélie Perron, RN, PhD ; Caroline Dufour, RN, M.Sc. Moderator: Mélyna Désy-Bedard, RN, BScN.  
15h00 Keynote Bibiane Courtois : RN and first nations, inuit and métis advocate (fr)
15h55 Conclusion (Natalie Stake-Doucet, RN, PhD(c)) 

16h00 Networking

*Translations to be provided in English and French as needed